Are Financial IT Executives Being Blacklisted?

Interesting phenomena I am seeing more of these days on job postings – requirements state very clearly that no one with financial services experience will be considered. Why is that? I felt compelled to ask the poster as to why would IT executives with financial experience be excluded from applying to that position?

If anything, I would think that a recruiter would want someone with that level of experience. We have been charged with protecting massive amounts of financial data, supported demanding executives, kept trading floors online, built robust data centers with N+1 redundancy, figured out how to set up market data architecture, prepared for disaster recovery and business continuity, dealt with armies of auditors and ever changing regulations, supported front and backoffice systems, and designed architecture with redundancy to prevent outages.

Our experience and knowledge is universal and should be sought after purely from the high demand/high pressure environments we worked in. Firms should strive to have people like us supporting their environments.

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