100 Days – A Secret IT Guide

This week President Obama reached 100 days since he took office. While many political pundits consider this milestone antiquated it is an important metric which all executives especially IT executives should use to gauge their performance.

What should a new IT executive have done in his/her first 100 days?

1. Listen to what the business is telling you. Spend time with business leaders and just listen to them. It is important to understand the business process and the players involved. Yes, politics will be important.

2. Meet with your staff and business leaders regularly. Get to know them. Their strengths and weaknesses.

3. Repair broken relationships quickly especially if they are business relationships.

4. Speak in business terms and stay away from the latest tech buzz words.

5. Assess IT’s capabilities. Are they in line with business goals? If not, what needs to be done to get it in line?

6. Freeze projects when appropriate until you can get up-to-speed. Put together a hit list of projects that have gone off track with a cost/benefit analysis.

7. Stabilize operations and get your processes to a minimum level that is acceptable and manageable.

8. Articulate IT’s goals and objectives. Develop a mission statement and business plan.

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