Belief in Yourself

sunI am not one for motivational ideologies but I read and interesting discussion on LinkedIn today. The discussion turned more towards the frustrations people are facing in their job hunt.

It lead me to start thinking about people and what impetuous carries us through tough times.  You read about how people turn to their faith and family to get them through ordeals.  We turn to things that are stronger in our lives to help us move forward.

Over the last several months, I have read and met people that have been out of work or will soon be out of work. It is frustrating to say the least, especially if you have been working for a long-time and had seniority and a career. All that is gone. And you are like 12 million other people out of work.

It is important to believe in yourself first. It is only you that will get you through these times. In a year or two when the economy recovers and chugging along and we are all working again, we will look back and say we made it. We are stronger, wiser, and better people for it.

That which does not kill us only makes use stronger…


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