Qualities an IT Manager Should Possess

Whether your title is CIO, VP, or just plain IT Manager, you should have certain qualities that allow you to manage an IT shop effectively. If you are striving to manage your own department then these are the qualities you should have and be proficient at:

  • Think like a leader. Stimulate ideas. Encourage staff. Bring out the best in people.
  • Treat Information Technology as a service. All facets of technology under your responsibility should function smoothly. If not then you have some weekends to work.
  • Ability to Communicate. Demonstrate the ability to intelligently articulate ideas and strategies.
  • Be an Agent of Change. Business is not static and therefore IT should not be static. Because you will need to align technology needs, you should constantly be evaluating technology solutions. By treating technology has an organic discipline you are better able to be an agent of change.

One thought on “Qualities an IT Manager Should Possess

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