Are You Twittering? If Not You Are Missing Out




As a technology executive, I must admit, I am a little amazed by Twitter. It is a free tool that let’s everyone else who are also tweeting know everything you want them to know in the space of 140 characters. 140 characters does not sound like alot but it is.

What are you using Twitter for or better yet what can you use Twitter for? It is after all a tool and tools in the right hands can move mountains.

What can you use Twitter for:

  1. Getting the word out. If you are blogging then it is great medium to update everyone that you updated your blog or web site.
  2. Looking for a job. Use #tweetmyjobs or go to the website. Do searches and find people or companies that are Tweeting. You will be surprised who is out there.
  3. Follow other people’s tweet that interest you. You never know what may come out of it.

Steps to get Twittering:

  1. Like your other profiles, make sure your profile is friendly. Keep it professional.
  2. Add a picture of yourself. It makes your profile more real. It adds a face when you tweet.
  3. Start following people you are interested in. Do a search and just follow people. Treat it like a social networking project.
  4. Update your Tweet at least once a day.
  5. Have fun…

So what are you waiting for? Go out and start tweeting…

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