10 Biggest Tech Failures of the Decade


Time Magazine recently published what it judges to be the 10 biggest tech failures of the decade . The article mentions several of the industry’s best-known names that lost significant market share and competitive edges as a result of launching products that turned out to be duds. As IT executives we are very familiar with these products. In fact, a couple of them I personally owned.

  1. Microsoft Vista
  2. Gateway
  3. HD DVD
  4. Vonage
  5. YouTube
  6. Sirius XM
  7. Microsoft Zune
  8. Palm
  9. Iridium
  10. Segway

3 thoughts on “10 Biggest Tech Failures of the Decade

  1. Great article! I saw this, too. I love the fact that TIME lists Microsoft as having two of the biggest flops! I absolutely hate VIsta. It’s just so poorly done, and isn’t it amazing they release one OS that it’s HUGELY successful prior OS can’t talk to? Dumb. Made me a MAC man, and I will never buy a product again for home use that uses Microsoft applications. Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back!

  2. Yeah it is funny that Microsoft is listed twice. Their products have had faults and I think they are missing the boat. You gotta love the “I am a Mac” TV commercials. They are so true.

  3. YouTube? I don’t think so…I don’t agree with YouTube point…..well it’s a good article..though I think zune hd is going to be something to watch out for….it’s already getting some good reviews so maybe you can revise your list by also adding blackberry storm!

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