Secrets To Reinventing Your Career

I have often been asked, “Why don’t I reinvent myself?” Being out-of-work and with economic challenges it makes perfect sense. Having reinvented myself in the past, going from architect to IT, was difficult but manageable.

What does reinventing your career mean? It simple means changing your job function or industry. For example:

  • A corporate project manager to a freelance project manager
  • Financial CIO to a medical CIO
  • Becoming an entrepreneur

Reinventing yourself is a hard process that will require additional training and financial resources. When I moved from architecture into IT, I took classes, read every IT and business/financial book and magazine I could get my hands on. All which costs time and money.

Where to begin the process? You must start with an inward analysis of yourself, and it is important that you are in a good mindset when you do it.

This level of analysis allows you to know who you are and what is important to you. You gather information about yourself to help determine what is important.

Reinventing your career might seem difficult but think how happy you will be doing work you have a real passion for.


One thought on “Secrets To Reinventing Your Career

  1. If you are a CIO at heart, becoming something else is difficult. If you are a leader at work, looking at the next option is not so much of a challenge. We reinvent ourselves everyday when we adapt to different situations without realizing that we are constantly evolving even when we don’t change.

    To me there is nothing like a Financial CIO or Medical CIO, these are self-created boundaries. If you understand a domain well and have good common sense and understanding of the economy at large, cross industry change is not difficult. You have to sell a different perspective to your new prospective employer that you bring a fresh perspective to the old problems of the industry

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