How to Conduct Meetings That Have Value

meetingsComing out of a large corporate organization, I have been subjected to some very bad meetings. Meetings where I did not know why I was there and when it was over I still did not know the purpose. Meetings that consume too much time and provide zero value should never occur. So how do you conduct a meeting that provides value and does not waste everyone’s time?

  1. Have a meeting agenda prepared in advance. Sending out an agenda prior to the meeting allows attendees to know what to expect and what is expected of them.
  2. Provide information related to the meeting topic prior the meeting so attendees have time to read and prepare comments.
  3. Have a clear goal you want to achieve from the meeting. Meetings should be about discussion and decision-making.
  4. Keep comments short and to the point. Too many times people ramble.
  5. In meetings that are addressing issue(s), you should give others the opportunity to speak first. If you speak first, there is a tendency for others to be influenced by you.
  6. If you have routine staff meetings, allow your staff to conduct these meeting. It teaches them that this meeting is not for you but for all of us.

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