Leadership on the Links

arungolfI have been playing golf on and off now for about 5 years. I really was not serious about playing until recently.  Now that I am unemployed I have really made an effort to be a better player.

Golf, unlike other sports, doesn’t really require strength, stamina, or speed in great abundance.  It is a mental game. You, your club, a small ball, and x amount of yardage to get to a small hole. Golf and leadership, have a lot in common: integrity, determination, and enthusiasm are central to both.

Integrity: A good leader understands how important it is to face up to mistakes and to be honest. You have to admit your mistakes to team members.

When playing you have to be honest about your strokes. There are numerous opportunities where you can make your score better than it really is. Integrity is vital to golf as it is to leadership.

Determination: You will be constantly challenged with long hours, disgruntled staff, unreasonable expectations, and inflated egos. Good leaders push through the difficulties with a firmness of purpose to drive results that exceed expectations with flying colors.

On the golf course, there will be times when your swing is not there anymore. To find success, you have to be determined enough to fight through these ‘low spots’ and get your rhythm back to the forefront. You have to never give up.

Enthusiasm: Be positive. Human nature is to be around people that make us feel good? We want our leaders to be ‘beacons of light’ that we gravitate towards. A leader should make us believe that we can take on any challenge and overcome any obstacle.

When playing golf, it is important that have a good attitude.  A good mental game allows you to have a good physical game. There will be times when you will become frustrated and angry at the game and yourself. This is the time to take a deep breath, enjoy your surroundings and to remember that you are out there to have fun. Doing so will make you a better golfer and a better leader.

See you on the nineteenth hole! 🙂

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