The Green IT Agenda

Has your firm incorporated a Green IT agenda into their business strategy? Today, Green IT is being driven by business strategy and a sense of corporate responsibility to the environment. So it is important for CIOs to keep this in mind when planning.

Some firms are already taking steps by:
• Establishing a company wide Green plan
• Establishing a ROI calculation and business case for going green
• Video conference and web meetings replacing travel when appropriate
• Engage a recycling company to dispose of its e-waste
• Allows/encourages telecommuting
• Paperwork reduction and waste disposal plan

IT shops are facing mounting budget cuts. In addition, their have been increased regulations around data privacy and electronic waste disposal. The majority of enterprises are beginning to realize the full potential of eco-friendly computing practices, significant cost savings, increased flexibility in managing IT resources, and compliance with environmental regulations.

So what does “going green,” mean for IT?

For CIOs, “going green” means taking steps to reduce energy use and energy expenses across the entire IT function. This includes building energy efficient data centers, simplifying IT infrastructure through server consolidation and virtualization solutions, and using power management software and supplemental cooling technologies in data centers.

Here is a list of some Green IT best practices that some firms are currently implementing:
• Regular maintenance of cooling systems
• Use network connected printers/scanners/copiers resources
• Recycle or donate outdated computer equipment
• Use multifunction printers/scanners/copiers
• Reuse older machines
• Use multifunction network devices (router/firewall)
• Virtualize servers to combine systems that are underutilized
• Remote access from outside of company
• Paper saving measures being used
• Disaster recovery/backup systems powered on only as needed
• Shutdown printers and network equipment not in use
• Maintain and optimize file storage systems
• Equipment not in use are turned off
• Monitors shut off
• Optimized cooling of datacenters
• Buy products that are EnergyStar and EPP and EPAT compliant
• New datacenter(s) construction uses LEEDS green standards
• Datacenter(s) been renovated to meet LEEDS standards
• Datacenter(s) use alternate sources of energy

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