Breaking the 2000 Barrier

This weekend I broke the 2000 hits barrier. A small milestone in my career as a blogger and trivial compared to more established blogs. But I am proud of breaking it none-the-less.

Everyone needs milestones in life to keep them going. We are after all linear creatures – always striving to move forward.

I am proud of my blog because it is a reflection of me. It has allowed me to organize my thoughts in a clear, cohesive, enjoyable fashion. Blogging is different from writing status reports or technical papers. It is about content that others find enjoyable and that keeps them coming back.

Since May 2006, I have written 74 posts. I have tried to write content on leadership, products that I have used, career advice, and issues facing today’s executives. Sometimes my posts are serious, and other times it is just for fun. It is hard writing a post everyday but it gives me something to look forward to. The biggest thrill is when a post gets traction from my followers and gets passed around. Then you know you wrote something of interest that people enjoy.

Thank you to all my readers for stopping by and for posting comments.

Here is to the next milestone…10,000 hits sound like a nice round number. 😉


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