Loosing a Political Battle – Follow Up

What goes around comes around!

I wrote a post last week about my friend who tried to do the right thing in her firm by complaining about an inept manager but got slapped around due to internal corporate politics. It seems that management has seen the light and will speak to this “zombie manager” to get his house in order. The firm expects a certain level of professionalism and work ethic from all staff regardless of position. If there is no improvement from this manager there will be consequences including and up to termination.

So in the end, while my friend took one for the team, she triumphed. She stayed, fought and won.

My advice to those out there facing similar circumstances – stay true to yourself. Do what you think is best and helps you sleep at night. While there might be unwanted consequences to your actions, in the end you will be justified. It just might take a few weeks or several years.

1 thought on “Loosing a Political Battle – Follow Up

  1. Yay! Sometimes it takes someone standing up and even being knocked down to get someone to notice or do the right thing. I’m glad this worked out and hope your friend recovers quickly from the bruises.

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