A Day In The Life…

The following account is of your typical CIO’s day. It is loosely based on real life experiences of 3 IT executives.

5:00am – Wake up.

6:00am – Catch train to office.

6:05am – Check and prioritize email. Prepare day’s agenda. Read helpdesk reports.

6:30am – Read Wall Street Journal.

7:00am – Arrive at office.

7:05am – Check voicemail.

7:15am – Meet and brief COO.

7:30am – Grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks with COO. Catch up on gossip.

7:45am – Answer voicemail messages

8:00am – CEO arrives. Meet and brief CEO. COO joins discussion.

8:15am – Conference call with London office. Discuss new database implementation status with IT and chief marketing officer.

8:45am – Trader’s Bloomberg terminal dies. Helpdesk is alerted and I am briefed. A replacement is installed. I go and speak directly to head trader to make sure situation has been resilves to his satisfaction.

9:00am – Department head meeting. I provide a brief status on pending IT projects. CEO informs heads of upcoming audit. All staff are instructed to provide auditors full cooperation.

10:00am – All hands IT staff meeting. Staff are informed of pending audit. Staff provides status of projects and pending issues.

10:30am – All cellphones in the room go off. Datacenter temperature is rising. Servers are going down. Staff rush to datacenter. Chiller unit fails. Facilities manager and datacenter manager are trying to resolve issue. No redundant unit to turn on.

10:35am – Administrators monitor servers for overheating. DR manager is informed and prepares for worst case. DR site is readied for remote access in the event equipment needs to be powered down.

10:40am – Facilities and datacenter manager brief me on the situation. Clogged water line in building that feeds chiller. Building technicians have discovered location and attempting to repair.

10:45am – Water line is operational. However datacenter temperature is still abnormally warm. Facilities manager brings in industrial fans to vent heat.

11:00am – Chiller is online and cooling. Will be 2 hours before datacenter returns to normal temperature.

11:30am – Final briefing on chiller outage. I tell DR manager to stand down. I brief CEO and COO.

11:45am – Back at my desk to breath for a few minutes.

12:00pm – Lunch? Should I join CEO or eat at my desk? I decide to eat at my desk.

12:25pm – Back at my desk with a sandwich and a bag of chips. Gourmet yum…

1:oopm – Decide to respond to my 100 emails.

1:30pm – Head of Real Estate comes to my desk to discuss a new real estate database he is looking at. He wants my help at looking at the product. I agree and will put together a brief plan to begin discussions.

2:00pm – Emerging Markets Officer is travelling to Argentina. Wants authorization to obtain a global phone. I authorize and assign task to Help Desk.

2:30pm – CEO asks me what will it take to open an office in Hong Kong.  Talk about being put on the spot. I throw out a high dollar amount based on no knowledge of requirements. CEO is just trying to gauge overall startup costs. I question my answer to him. But without further discussions of requirements I cannot gauge what startup costs will be.

3:00pm– My friends from audit come over to my desk to “chit-chat” about upcoming audit. I don’t mind. I involve my ISO and senior admin in talks.

4:00pm – Back at my desk and responding to my emails. I update my budgets and authorize vendor payments.

4:30pm – Now I can focus on some strategic thinking. I prepare a presentation on why we need to upgrade our legacy database.

5:00pm – I go out for a breath of fresh air.

5:30pm – I am briefed by Help Desk on trouble tickets.

5:45pm – Head trader invites me out for a drink.

6:00pm – Head out to local bar to have a quick beer before catching the train.

7:00pm – On train home. Reading NY Times on iPhone and playing a few games to relax.

8:00pm – I am home. Kiss my wife and we have dinner. We discuss our days.

9:00pm – Catch up on some mindless television.

10:00pm – In bed


4 thoughts on “A Day In The Life…

  1. Sounds like one of my typical days when I was a CIO, minus the train portion (I was fortunate in my last job to live on 1.6 miles from the office; my prior job was only 11 miles, but took 1.0 to 1.25 hours each way by car).

  2. Thanks for sharing and giving insight. It was like I am shadowing a CIO. Its interesting to know how much time executives have to spend going thru email communications and how much time is left for focusing on strategic things. Keep up the good work.

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