My Friday Post: Superheroes and Technology

It’s Friday. As CIOs clear down their inboxes and tie up loose ends before the weekend, it is time to take a break…

Like any boy, growing up I have always been fascinated with superheroes. I recently saw Iron Man the other night on DVD and I was fascinated by his use of technology to fight crime and super-villains.

I did some research and found other superheroes that used technology exclusively to fight crime.

4. X-Men: The X-Men use the supercomputer Cerebro to detect other mutants.

3. Fantastic Four: The Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building is chock full of technology heavily used by Reed Richards in addition to some of the their fantastic vehicles.

2. Iron Man: Tony Stark’s Stark Industries develops new technologies for both corporate and government use. Iron Man himself uses cutting edge technology to power his suit.

1. Batman: Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and his company Wayne Industries. Batman is one of the few superheroes without superpowers. The combination of technology and intellect makes him one of the most formidable superheroes around. Technology from the Batmobile to the Batcave are all tools in his fight of crime.

What other superheroes are out there that use technology?


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