My Friday Post: The Shaadi

It’s Friday. As CIOs clear down their inboxes and tie up loose ends before the weekend, it is time to take a break…

Shaadi is Hindi for a wedding.

My cousin got engaged this week. As any guy knows, once you pop the question a whole new series of events take affect much to my cousin’s dismay. It does not matter what culture you are from the process is the same. I am not sure what he was thinking or hoping that would happen. But let’s just say the wedding machine is in full gear. It is funny how guys think even when other guys advise them what will happen.  Men really are from Mars.

His fiancé wants a big ceremony with a small reception while he wants a small ceremony with a big reception. Parents and family are involved and everyone seems to be pulling the future bride and groom in different directions. Having gotten married several years ago I can commiserate. As anyone that has gotten married can. The many voices involved in this process is just the nature of the beast. And a beast it is. It doesn’t end until you say, “I do” on that day.

This process is a right of passage for all those walking down the isle. Now it is funny looking back and remembering what my wife and I went through. Quietly we both laugh to ourselves as we watch our cousins struggle down the path of planning a wedding.  We say to ourselves, “at least it is not us”. 😉


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