Do You Have A Pandemic Plan?

The flu season is upon us and news reports are stating that H1N1 will be wide spread this season. IT executives should review and update their disaster recovery/BCP plans and if they do not have one, develop a pandemic plan.

As part of your pandemic planning the following points should be reviewed:

  1. If you do not have a plan you should develop one. All businesses, no matter how small, should have some type of plan in place to deal with operational disruptions.
  2. If you have a plan, review and update. Make sure your communication plan is also up-to-date.
  3. Have a staffing plan to deal with situations when 30-40% of your staff are out at any one time.
  4. Work with management to develop an action plan for critical actions you need to take within your company to continue to provide core services.
  5. Keep informed on local and national news about increase cases.
  6. Create a decision-making protocol for how and when you will ramp up your response when needed.
  7. Ensure that staff, especially executive staff, know what their roles will be.
  8. Encourage clear communications across you business units.

1 thought on “Do You Have A Pandemic Plan?

  1. In the case of support groups that simply must stay up and running, data centers, you might consider a proactive plan at some point to split your team into 2-3 different teams that do not cross paths. We’ve had to do that in the past for SARs.

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