CIO and the Art of Decision Making

The word “Decision” originated from the Latin “Decidere”, which means to “To Cut” (Decide is inferred to be constructed from a combination of “de : off, from” + “caedere : to cut” ) . The word Caedere also means Kill, Strike, Beat etc.

The origin of the word “Decide” means the consequences of taking a “Decision”. It automatically means that “Cutting off”, eliminates many options, and leaves a well-defined outcome in front of the decision maker. The decision “kills” options and represents conclusive Purpose and Action .

Leading an IT department is a daunting task. It does not matter if your group is small, large, global, regional, or a one-man shop. You are tasked with making decisions each and everyday. As CIOs we make decisions, but how do we know which one is correct and which one is wrong? We don’t. Making the right decisions is an art. It comes only after years of experience and making incorrect decisions that we can learn from.

There are some basic principles we can follow in our critical thinking to help make decisions:

  1. Define the problem first, and then look for the solution.
  2. Gather all the information possible.
  3. Take the time to find out the information, do not assume anything.
  4. Ask for advice.

Being a CIO is a daily challenge.  Use your experience and gut instinct to help guide you through tough decision-making.

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