Is 7 Going To Be Lucky?

Whenever Microsoft releases a new operating system I always get nostalgic about previous operating systems that I worked with: Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows XP, NT, Server 2000, Server 2003. There is something to be said looking back and having worked with all these OSes. Each had good points and bad. As we became accustomed to working with each one we were able to compensate for their shortcomings both in our personal PCs and in the corporate enterprise.

We can all agree that Windows Vista was never fully adopted by the enterprise. To those managers that were able to install it successfully – congratulations. Most IT managers stayed with Windows XP.  XP was a mature stable operating system that users became accustomed to and the bugs were worked out or workarounds put in place. Either way XP is still widely used in the corporate world.

Now that Windows 7 has been officially released, Microsoft is asking enterprises to upgrade. Can there be any worst time to ask corporations to upgrade? The economy is still fluctuating. CIOs are being asked to do more with less. IT budgets are still being heavily scrutinized. Most enterprises are still using PCs and servers that are several years old due to budget freeze.

Should we upgrade? The price point for upgrading is still a few hundred dollars depending on what version you will be using. There is no easy upgrade option. New builds will have to be created and tested. The UI is different from XP and will require user training. And chances are new hardware will have to be purchased to run 7.

At some point we will have to upgrade when Microsoft support for XP ends. Until then for those of you planning to upgrade – good luck. Let us know how it turns out?


2 thoughts on “Is 7 Going To Be Lucky?

  1. It is not just the OS “upgrade” price that has me sitting on my heels for now.

    As an SMB, I don’t have the budget to upgrade all the associated tools that we run on the operating systems

    as an example, we are still using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (heck it is only 4 years old!!) – but not currently compatible with Windows 7

    Microsoft Developer studio 2005 – again not currently compatible.

    All the Adobe software we use – some of it I could not even install

    (not to mention our anti-virus tool – again, not compatible)

    so for me the “upgrade” price of Windows 7 would include the “upgrade” price of all of the above.

    Which is not going to happen right now….


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