My Friday Post: That Time of Year…

It’s Friday. As CIOs clear down their inboxes and tie up loose ends before the weekend, it is time to take a break…

As IT professionals, we are constantly asked for our advice when it comes to purchasing computers. The questions usually gain momentum around the holidays when people begin shopping. I don’t mind giving my opinion, but to be honest, my knowledge of home personal computers is very limited. Let’s face facts; most tech people are working day in and day out on some pretty complicated equipment. If someone wants to purchase a blade server or router, I can more than recommend a few products to meet their needs.

This time of year is also when we get asked all sorts of computer-troubleshooting questions. For example, I am sitting at the dinning room table the other day (not talking technology) when and I hear my uncle say, “My computer can’t turn on.” The conversations go quiet and all heads turn toward me. Like if I know all the details about my uncle’s laptop! I feel obligated to help, so I help.

So Happy Holidays to all the tech people out there! Brush up on your pc reviews and troubleshooting techniques. You will need it over the next few weeks…. 🙂

P.S. Here is a video posted on YouTube some time back that you might find funny. Enjoy…

Your Dad Asks Computer Questions: SuperNews!


2 thoughts on “My Friday Post: That Time of Year…

  1. Sigh – too true

    Laptop not turning on is one thing, but why can’t cousin get graphics program X to do Y

    Umm, sorry – I don’t know…

    I must confess that after spending hours in the office, fixing my son’s PC because some X-Box cheat code site deposited malware onto it is not how I enjoy spending my few evening hours!

    As my wife says, the shoemakers children………

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