CIO On The Rise

With the economy changing how many firms do business, it is not surprising that the role of CIO is also changing. CIOs around the world are being asked to do more with less and put forward strategic ideas to contribute to making the business competitive. This is a great opportunity for CIOs to get out from the role of the pure technologist and rise into a strategic role.

For CIOs the next step is crucial step. We must be able to learn the business. Business knowledge will help us put forward strategic ideas into terms business leaders will understand. This knowledge will help in developing credibility and sound solutions, strategies, and ideas. This understanding will allow us to align the IT function to the overall organizational strategy and to be able to demonstrate and achieve results that pave the way for long-term business change and growth through technological solutions.

CIOs are poised to be the catalysts and change agents to help move businesses forward and to drive competitive advantage. How we answer this challenge will determine our position in business. If we succeed, there will be a place for us in the boardroom. If we fail we will be back in the datacenter.


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