Toxicity @ Work

We have all been there at some point in our careers. Maybe you are there now but have no choice. Jobs are tight and making a move right now does not make sense. But you go in and put your eight hours in.

You work in a toxic environment.

Big or small, the workplace is many times not a place of happiness. It can be a pile of daily frustrations, conflicts, hostilities, addictions, and egos. Sometimes it isn’t just one person or two; it is the whole place that is toxic. It is so infested with politics you cannot do your work. You may be working in a sick corporate environment.

How should you get through your day?

  • Stay away from negative corporate cliques. In the workplace it is easy to find them. You know the group-the ones that get together at every chance just to gossip.  Don’t get involved.
  • Establish boundaries and maintain them. While it maybe difficult to not socialize with co-workers, the less contact outside of business the better.
  • Keep your personal life private. This simply keeps life simple, the workplace simple, and protects you and your family from being subjected to gossip. Consider this a form of privacy protection.
  • Don’t feed into the negativity of the workplace. Don’t complain to others about the environment. If you cannot change it then you have to deal with it.

Remember work is work. Keep it all business. Yes it can be stressful but if you need to pay your bills then you will have to deal with it.

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