Mr. CIO: Please Go Out and Lead…

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” – Thomas Paine

Most IT leaders talk about getting out and leading or want to be recognized as leaders. But if you take a long look at them, how many are really leaders? Yes, some are good implementers; some might be good executors; but what about good leaders?

A progressive CIO/IT leader should be out in front demonstrating the value of IT to the business and not selling to it. I have seen this too many times where CIOs feel they need to sell their solutions to the business. Why? You should be asking, “How can I help the business?”

Engage the business. Your world is not solely confined to IT. You have to engaged marketing, accounting, etc. Remember you are a service provider. Go out and provide a service. Demonstrate that IT is not just a cost center but can provide real value to the business.


One thought on “Mr. CIO: Please Go Out and Lead…

  1. Something that we all need to keep in mind; thanks for keeping this front and center. I think that in many organizations, the operational overtakes the strategic and makes it more difficult for a leader to lead rather than a leader to direct. But it is our job to make sure that doesn’t happen and to be out working with the business while our (capable, hand-selected) managers keep the operations humming on a daily basis.


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