Reboot: Commercial Wars

A CIO's VoiceI have re-titled “My Friday Post” to “Reboot”. I thought it would be more fitting since the weekend is here and we are looking forward to relaxing and enjoying our time away from work.

I always love a good commercial, especially those that poke fun of other competitors. There have been so many over the years it has hard to keep track.

The one that stand out in my mind are “I’m PC/I’m Mac” ads by Apple.

They always made me laugh especially since I use a Mac at home. They come right to the point and are ingenious and fun to watch.

The other one that I like to watch are the Verizon and AT&T wireless ads related to 3G coverage. I am not sure how Luke Wilson became a spokesperson for AT&T but they are 30 seconds of fun entertainment.

Recently, there has been a fee spat between Cablevision and Scripps Networks, the provider of The Food Network and HGTV, over fees for providing the channels resulting in the loss of both channels for over 3 million subscribers.

This one has been a little bit nastier with both sides blaming each other. While my wife and I like The Food Network and HGTV, at the end of the day they are just channels and I really don’t want my cable bill to increase any more.

What are your favorite commercials? Let me know?


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