ReBoot: Global Database

A CIO's VoiceIt’s Friday…

I was watching an interesting sci-fi movie the other day. The plot was a little weird but they were doing something that I thought was interesting – using a global database.

Quick plot summary: scientist’s daughter dies in freak accident. Her “consciousness” lives in a virtual reality world made up of information from databases that are pulled together to form a virtual daughter with all her memories and emotions. Scientist tries to pull this consciousness into a robot but fails, etc., etc., etc. sci-fi mayhem ensues…

Think about how much data about us reside on the Internet right now. Our lives, to some extent, are already virtual. Our data sit in various isolated datacenters, servers and databases throughout the world. While this information cannot form virtual copies or ourselves, what if we could gather this information in a central location-a central global database? Of course the tech people are saying, security, identity theft, who has access, will all need to be addressed. Of course these questions will have to be debated and sound solutions developed. Such a solution will not come in our generation or our children’s generation.

But think about the benefits of such a database…


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