Dents in the Armor: Why the Chief is Not Perfect

We often equate people in power with perfection- super-humans who can do it all. They have to be if they are going to lead others? Yes, as mere mortals we assume that the CEOs of corporations or the presidents of governments to be infallible – almost god like.

This is not necessarily the case. They are imperfect creatures that make mistakes.

There are many reasons why our chiefs are not perfect: politics, bad measurement systems, and even the job itself can be part of the problem. Perfection is a difficult attribute to obtain especially in corporations and governments. These environments are constantly changing and moving. We are imperfect people working for imperfect institutions—we all know this fact.

Why should we have perfect chiefs? As a leader, if you want people to willingly follow you, you have to be honest about who you are and the mistakes that you make. Imperfections make for far more interesting leaders. If a chief can admit mistakes, correct them, and move on, the people they lead become empowered to take risks, make mistakes, admit them, change, and grow.

An imperfect chief brings humility, humanity, and flexibility to the table. Should we not embrace our imperfections?


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