Where Is The Loyalty?

Leadership is a two-way street, loyalty up and loyalty down. Respect for one’s superiors; care for one’s crew. -Grace Murray Hopper

Loyalty, allegiance, fidelity are words that all imply a sense of duty or devoted attachment to one’s country, creed, family, friends, etc. Are people still loyal today – especially in the workplace?

I have been speaking to several managers recently, and they all mentioned that there seems to be a sense of a lack of loyalty in today’s workplace. Why should there be one? Corporate America has changed and has really changed over the last year – massive layoffs, cutbacks, unemployment, etc., etc. The camaraderie of co-workers and the belief one’s work was making a difference in the organization has gone by the wayside.  People are working just to survive and are constantly worried about loosing their jobs. It becomes a stressful environment.

The question, “How do you build loyalty in today’s workplace?” The answer comes down to simple communication—both what you communicate and how you do it. Communicate in both directions, both up and down the chain of command — though it takes slightly different forms depending on which direction it’s focused. Communicate in real time, in person, and above all else be truthful.

In fact, the more you communicate with people, the more trusting and loyal they will be to you. Remember, your job as a manager is to ignite the passion of your staff. You cannot do that without communication.

3 thoughts on “Where Is The Loyalty?

  1. Loyalty has to start at the top… Most workers are willing to be loyal to a company, but sadly in our save a dollar at all costs environment it’s the company that is no longer loyal to the worker. I tend to find that companies focus to much on the bottom line and their stock holders and forget who helped get them where they are. It is a partnership after all. Outsourcing will only get a company so far, but a loyal workforce will continue to grow a company.

  2. Good article, Arun, and a good followup, Scott.

    I do think that loyalty has changed over the years. Many people no longer look for (or expect) a company where they can spend their entire career.

    I do think that Scott’s assertion that most workers are loyal to their company is a bit over-stated. My experience is that many employees who seem “loyal” are really more “scared” about going to a new company and are unable or unwilling to take that plunge. One of the things I always tell a new staff person is that one of my goals is to help you grow, and when the time comes for you to grow and the company can no longer help you with that, it is OK (and, in fact, good) to move on and we will support you in that. It seems to help for employees to hear that.

    • Hi Don,
      Thanks for the comment. I wish there were more manager like you in corporate. Helping your staff to grow is fundamental to any any manager. Once “grown up”, as managers, we should know how to let go and help them move on to bigger and better things.

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