7 Things Leaders Can Learn From Super Bowl XLIV

I am not a big Colts or Saints fan. I am a New Yorker after all. However, I secretly rooted for the Saints to win since they were clearly the underdog and the city of New Orleans needed a win. Drew Brees worked his magic and the Saints won Super Bowl XLIV.

I always found the Super Bowl to be a slight let down when it comes to the game-two great teams on the field, but only playing conservatively. There are no chances, no risks being taken. What fun is that? I would think that in the last (and most important game) there is “no-holds-barred” attitude and the playbook is thrown out the window.

This was the game big chances were taken.  Drew Brees said, “That’s the type of team we are. We play with a very aggressive mentality. We play with a lot of confidence. We came to this game knowing we had to play loose and take a chance in order to win.”

As leaders, what can we learn for XLIV?

  • Calculated risks can pay off huge dividends.
  • If you have the attitude you are going to win, then chances are you are going to win.
  • Confidence is the key success.
  • Your team needs to share your vision.
  • There is a time and place to being aggressive.
  • There are no prizes for second place.
  • Victory is given to those that hunger for it.

1 thought on “7 Things Leaders Can Learn From Super Bowl XLIV

  1. A fun post, Arun, and some good analogies. I found this to be one of the most enjoyable Superbowls in recent memory. Taking chances makes things interesting and can ultimately lead to throwing your competitor off-balance. It worked in this case and can work in business situations as well. The key, as you mention, is to take **calculated** risks.

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