Information Technology: Focus, Discipline, and Consistency

You may be the boss, but you’re only as good as the people who work for you. 
-Rear Admiral William Leahy

What are the critical areas for an IT department:

  • Focus – What is the objective and how is this message reinforced? To meet the needs of a company, IT needs to understand them. Objectives should be clear and understood by all from the highest-level executive to the people doing the work. If everyone understands the impact of their efforts, they will likely be able to make good decisions executing and have greater job satisfaction.
  • Discipline – What knowledge and skills are needed to get the job done so that everyone is held accountable for delivering a high quality outcome. For IT to perform well, each person on the team has to know what their responsibilities are as well as the responsibilities of their teammates. The team needs to follow the guidelines in meeting their responsibilities. This could be security or software testing policies that have been set. There are reasons for the policies to be in place and they should be followed. When the reasons are no longer valid, then the policy should be changed.
  • Consistency – At the end of the day, one on the goals of IT should be to consistently exceed their customers’ expectations. Consistency and predictability go hand in hand. When you understand how to predict your capacity, you will be in a better place to manage expectations. Have a clear focus and being disciplined on how you execute will lead to a more consistent outcome.

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