ReBoot – “Please no shoes…”

A CIO's VoiceMy wife and I do not have a strict “no shoe” policy in our home when it comes to our guests. Growing up it was just common courtesy to remove your shoes when entering someone’s home. It was especially important when entering Asian homes. It was a sign of respect.

Besides, have you ever noticed where you step and how at times you cannot help what you step in? Think about it some time. Maybe I am a germaphobe but I don’t want that stuff tracked through my home. No matter how hard you wipe your shoes before entering there will always be residual crud at the bottom of your shoes. My hardwood floors were expensive and I don’t want them scratch or scuffed by your Jimmy Choos or Aldos.

So please remove your shoes when entering my home and for that matter anyone else’s home as well.

What’s your policy? Let’s us know?

2 thoughts on “ReBoot – “Please no shoes…”

  1. My home is strictly shoes off. I didn’t grow up this way but when we bought our new house it had brand new white carpet throughout, but the driveway and parking area were not paved. We moved in during the muddy season and it just became an absolute necessity to remove your shoes at the door. At first I didn’t like having to take my shoes off every time I came in the house but after a few months it just became such a habit. I noticed that the home stayed so much cleaner, and even after the driveway was paved, I made the announcement, no one is allowed to wear shoes in this house.

    When my kids have friends over I tell them as they enter the house “hi, please take your shoes off before you come inside the house.” If I am having guests over I let them know when I invite them, I will just tell them “oh by the way we never wear shoes in the house so when you come over it would be great if you could take yours off too.”

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