“Hi, I am the Chief Listening Officer…”

There are few things in life that can get you ahead. One of the simplest things I have discovered is the simple act of listening. If you are an executive listening should be your strongest skill. If not, it should be a skill you improve on. To be successful, you need to be good at listening.

Listening is part skill and part art.  As strange as it may sound – there are listening skills. Google the word ‘listening’ and you will get a list of hundreds of site where you can read how to improve this skill. We learn to listen as part of our formal education. You must listen to eventually learn. The same holds true in our careers, “to be successful we have to listen.”

2 thoughts on ““Hi, I am the Chief Listening Officer…”

  1. Wise words. Listening is the most important part to leading. In my March 11 presentation ( see http://www.dynamicalsoftware.com/ecm ) on deploying ECM solutions, I am going to talk a lot about listening. Listening to key decision makers. Listening to relevant stakeholders. Listening both up and down the org chart. Listening to anyone and everyone who can influence the outcome of your project. ECM deployment is especially painful because it hits people at their weakest and requires them to change which is always unsettling. Authentic, respectful listening is the key to overcoming resistance to change.

  2. Very, very true, and listening is a skill that many executives have not developed. Technology people seem to really struggle with this. Of course, many organizations don’t provide tools and education to their employees to teach them how to listen–you might think people would know this instinctively, but many do not.


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