Terminating an employee is a stressful time for you and your team. It is even more stressful when you are the new CIO expected to turnaround an underperforming IT team. Your job is to make changes and get the department back on track. Doing that requires you to terminate underperformers to make room for others that can add real long-term value to the team and ultimately yourself.

I have terminated staff in the past but to be honest I find the process cold and harsh. Once the decision is made to let someone go, you have to work with HR to do it in a manner that doesn’t come back to haunt you. Your HR director should be pretty experienced in this matter and can guide you. Every company is slightly different in this manner but the end goal is the same.

Next comes the meeting with you, HR, and the employee you are going to let go. You discuss the underperformance or other issues that have helped you arrive at this decision and then you wait for their response. I have had people cry, run out, and verbally abuse me. It is best to have a thick skin and carry on. Yes it takes its toll on you and yes it can be stressful but you have to look at it down road. Letting someone go allows you the freedom to bring in a person that can help the department in the long-term.


One thought on “Termination

  1. Definitely not my favorite thing to do, but it is part of the job for any personnel manager. It doesn’t really get easier with time, although I think we get better at dealing with the aftermath.

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