ReBoot – Are There Any Real Barbers Left?

A CIO's VoiceThe last few years I have been at a  loss for a decent haircut at a reasonable price. I cannot seem to find the right guy or they keep on retiring.

When I was kid I would go with my father to Brooklyn to get my haircut. My barber at the time was one of these old school guys that did it all with a scissors. It was a great haircut that would last me weeks – all for $8. He retired and moved to Pennsylvania. A scissors cut is a lost art these days. Do they still teach that skill in barber college?

About 10 years ago I found another barber (if that title is still used) to cut my hair. Obviously there was a learning curve for him to get him to a point where I liked my haircut. But he got it and charged me $10. I was happy until he also retired and moved away.

From 2006 thru 2010 I have jumped from barber to barber. The last guy I went to charged me $16 and expected a $4 tip. I was never quite happy with the haircut he gave me or giving him a $4 tip.

I am not vain, or cheap, and my hairstyle is not complicated. I like my hair cut short. Noting complicated about that. If I got a good haircut then I would be more than happy to pay for it and tip generously.

It got to a point recently where my wife recommended I go to the hairstylist that she uses. At this point, I am so frustrated to find a decent barber I figure it cannot hurt. So I made an appointment like a 60 year old woman and went to the salon for my style. I left looking like a young boy. I was not too thrilled by it and my wife laughed at me when I got home. But I did pay $14 for it. So I guess I got what I paid for.

So my search continues for a barber. You know the one – a barber pole outside, the smell of Barbasol thick in the air, and old sports magazines spread across a table.

Why can’t I get a decent haircut….


One thought on “ReBoot – Are There Any Real Barbers Left?

  1. Way to funny… but boy do I know this…. But I did find a Barber in Derry NH that even still uses a striaght razer for the back of the neck and around the ears… all the other good ones are on or near military bases. Hope you find a good one soon.

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