ReBoot – Writing an Important Speech

A CIO's VoiceSo I have been asked to write a speech for my cousin’s upcoming wedding. It is a great honor for anyone to be asked to take on such a task especially at a wedding. Everything will be recorded for future viewing so there is no living down any mistakes.

I have written speeches in the past and spoken to boards, executives, staff, etc. For some reason this time around I am more nervous. I am not quite sure why? I did give a speech at my own wedding but I never rehearsed it before hand and pretty much winged it. It came out fine– at least I thought so. I have to review my own video again to see.

This time around it’s different. What do I say? How to say it? Keep it short and to the point. I have been to other weddings where the speeches are just horrible. At the end we all look at each other and say, “what was that about?”

So every day I write some notes on how marriage is a partnership; love conquers all; and how the bride and groom will be wonderful together. But is that really what I want to say?

I have 3 more weeks before I finalize my speech. So I have time. Maybe I will hire a ghost writer to help me out along the way. lol


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