Interviewing 101 – Isn’t This Obvious

So I am looking to rebuild my team and bring in some power hitters. You would think that in this economy people would be enthusiastic about joining a growing company. I thought once I put the word out there there would be a lot of interest and qualified candidates.

I was wrong…

I interviewed only a handful of candidates. Some of which needed some serious coaching on how to interview.

Here is what I would expect from a candidate that comes in front of me:

  1. Do some basic research about the firm.
  2. If possible find out a little about the people you are interviewing with. Ask your recruiter or look on the company’s web site.
  3. Get some details about what the position requires.
  4. Dress appropriately for the interview. Wear a suit.
  5. Sit up and make eye contact.
  6. Sound enthusiastic about the position.

Listen, your resume got you in the door so now you have to sell yourself to us. Why blow it on the little things?


2 thoughts on “Interviewing 101 – Isn’t This Obvious

  1. Is this just for your CIO team, meaning management only? Or does it include technical positions?

    I’m curious as I usually have a phone interview for technical positions (I’m a DBA/manager) and ask about the company and dress code. While I do follow your advice, I try to slightly dress above the dress code. Most companies I’ve talked to allow casual dress, so I’ll wear a collared shirt and khakis or slacks. I have worn a tie at times, but I don’t think I’ve interviewed for a technical or manager position with a suit in over a decade.

  2. Arun: I, too, am surprised at how some people interview, regardless of the state of the economy. I have had some interesting interviews over the years–some of which told me within 30 seconds that this was not a person we would be hiring. Phone pre-screening helps as often what a person puts in their resume is quite different from “real life”.

    BTW, I couldn’t find your bio on the Judlau Companies website. I’m not sure that I could apply for a job with you now since I can’t find out anything about you! 🙂

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