The last few weeks I have been rebuilding my department. I am a  believer in hiring people who have core competencies but also general knowledge in other areas.

I divided my team into 3 functional areas:

  1. Support Operations. This includes helpdesk and site support. Both key areas for MIS success.
  2. Network Operations. Alls things networking. A stable foundation is key to building and moving forward.
  3. Server Operations. In a diverse environment care must be provided to have stable server infrastructure.

These 3 areas will together make up my MIS department. To be successful each area needs to focus on improving and resolving operational issues and planning strategically for long-term change.


One thought on “My IT SWAT Team

  1. Hi Arun,

    Where does the Applications side of IT fit into your department?

    I’ve seen the following sub-depts under the CIO:
    1) Infrastructure – both server and networks
    2) Business Systems – namely the business applications like ERP, CRM
    3) Helpdesk Support


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