ReBoot – To Dimple or Not

A CIO's VoiceInteresting conversation at work the other day about having a dimple in a man’s necktie.

You know the dimple –  the one that goes in the center of the necktie, just below the knot?

In my experience, the dimple either happens, or it doesn’t. You might have to get used to the fact that some days will be dimple days, and other days won’t. I found that different materials form the dimple more easily than others.

Some men prefer the dimple and others favor the forward thrust of the lower part of the knot. Some men’s magazines state the forward thrust is the power look. C-level executives rarely have the dimple. From the dress-for-success standpoint it is the assertive look.

I think the necktie dimple gives the tie finished look.  Dimples seem to add that last touch of finesse and luxury to the boring neckties.

So do you dimple or not?


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