ReBoot – Weddings

I have been away from writing my blog for a few weeks. My cousin was getting married so my wife and I attend the wedding and all the festivities that come along with Hindu weddings. We had a lot fun and caught up with alot of  friends and family that we do not see often. It was great to reconnect.

I was asked to give the wedding toast. It was great honor and one that I did happily. My cousin has become a great friend so it was nice to be a part of those memories. Below is the speach I gave. I also wrote one for his father. I told my uncle that while I can write the words it is the person who speaks them that give it heart and soul. I think that is so true….

Friends/Family — Good Evening and thank you for sharing this wonderful event with us tonight.  It was a long journey but we made it with some fun along the way.

I have only known (the groom) for a few years but we have become close. I am very protective of him. He is more than my cousin…he is my friend…my brother. As brothers we have plenty good times together: watching movies way into the night-some really bad ones, discussed the finer points of drinking single malt scotch or the latest Apple gadgets. But most of all we discuss our hopes and our dreams. He has grown over the years into the man we see before us today – a man that I am very proud of to call brother.

 (The bride) will be the perfect wife for him. She will ground him and will guide him through the trials and tribulations of life. She is a strong, confident woman, hopelessly in love with him. All the qualities a good wife and partner should have.

The world loves a good love story and I think this is true. Marriage is an expression of love and the start of a lifelong adventure together. If that is truly the case, then (they) have been fortunate in enjoying a most wonderful and blessed beginning.

I want you to always remember that marriage is a partnership-an equal partnership. The two of you will need to work at it for it to be successful. There will be good times and bad times. There will be Events – big events, like buying your first house, new jobs, and children that will define your relationship. But there will also be Moments – small moments, like a smile or a kiss on the cheek that will make you fall in love all over again. Work together through the Events but don’t let those little Moments pass you by — cherish them forever.

Both of you are embarking on a wonderful journey, and you have many friends and family around you who will support you, and help you, and will always love you.

Everyone – Please raise your glasses (Pause briefly until noise ceases). To (the bride and groom) may you be blessed with long life, health, wealth, and happiness forever and ever–- CHEERS!


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