MIS Analysis Fundametals

The last few weeks I have been developing a roadmap for the remainder of the year. I am addressing issues related to strengthening the operational aspects of MIS and overall positioning the department to be strategic. In my opinion, MIS cannot be strategic with operational issues happening in the background. The departmental focus will be dealing with “putting out fires” and being reactive instead of proactive.

My analysis focuses on specific core weaknesses and how to correct them in an efficient and cost effective manner. I talk about business benefit, operational efficiency improvement, etc. but try not to mention specific products because the bigger and ultimate goal is the benefit to the business and my recommendations just happens to be a tools to help achieve those results.

From my experience, when you bring technology into the discussion people loose sight of the business benefit which is what happens during the discussion with business leaders. An analysis should focused on the business benefits only. A thereby creating a want for the benefits the solutions will deliver.

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