The Orphaned CIO

“The orphaned CIO is a CIO without a leader.”         

Have you been in an organization where they do not know where to place the CIO? Organizationally management does not see the CIO as a leader but just the tech guy managing technology and spending money and all around just a cost center.

The hardest part is reporting to someone that does not see you as part their team and you are left to fend for yourself and your IT department. What is a CIO to do in situations like this?

Some CIOs will call it a day and move on to greener pastures. Others will stay and fight and prove that they are more than the technology they are responsible for. The challenge with this strategy is changing the culture of the organization.

Cultural change comes over time and at great risk. CIOs in these situations must work in small increments to make these changes over very long periods.  Above all they must know which battles to fight and which ones to let go.

It is through this methodology that the CIO will be accepted into the inner sanctum of the executive board room.


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