Technology Review – Garmin Approach G5

I recently went out and bought the Garmin Approach G5 ( gps to help in my golf game.

I have been on the fence about buying a gps for some time. It seems like whenever I play with golf buddies I am always asking them for distances. For a novice golfer like myself, it actually helps to know how far to hit a shot. I also needed to know how far I can hit a shot when I make good contact with the ball so that I can begin to gauge which clubs to use in what situation.

I did some research and came up with 2 manufactures that I liked: Garmin and SkyGolf. Most of my buds have Skycaddie, so I was familiar with it. What led me to the Approach was not having a need to pay for a subscription.

I have used the unit now on 4 rounds of golf. So far I am impressed. The lithium batteries last for 3 rounds before I have to replace them. I get a good signal and it pinpoints pretty quickly. The unit is solid and fits nicely in your hand. There are additional bells and whistles that I occasional use. As my game improves I will probably use them more.

The display seems a little hard to see in bright sunlight. So you have to tilt occasionally to see it properly.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase of the Garmin Approach G5.

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