How to Climb the Corporate Ladder? My thought at least…

There is never one single thing you do to climb the corporate ladder. Everyone climbs the ropes at sometime throughout their careers.

1.  Have a good reputation: Reputation can make or break a career. Having one and others knowing it is a good first step to success.

2. Make big moves: There is nothing like a big move to get you noticed. You can climb up the ladder pretty quickly by doing something that will be noticed.

3.  Be a subject matter expert: Everyone always needs the advice of other people. Don’t be satisfied with being a regular executive, be the best in your field.

4. Take calculated risks: This can be a hit or miss, certain risks do pay off.

5. Be linked: The more people you know, the more people you have conversations with, the more you can open doors for yourself or others. Don’t just be a person who collects business cards, but be someone who talks to people with a hidden agenda and stays in touch. A rainmaker. Be a person who gets things done.


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