Working Towards A Common Goal

The dynamics of getting a team to work together boils done to one simple truth – the team needs a common goal. Everyone on your staff needs to be competent, and everyone needs to trust each others. That’s why some managers can get things done with just a telephone and an email account; while others can have all the tools they could possibly need and still cannot get it the simplest task completed. Effective managers concentrate on the team dynamics and use what is at their disposal to make it work.

Make sure everyone on your team is working towards a common goal. Say it often and repeat it often. Many CIOs assume their staff know the goal of the project or task at hand. Don’t leave it to chance. Start every meeting with a recap of what you are trying to achieve and how your staff’s work will help get there. Even if you think it’s redundant, you can’t communicate your goals and outcomes often or clearly enough. It will also allow people to identify and avoid busy work. If it does not help you achieve your desired outcomes, why do it?

Once you realize the dynamics of a good team relationship, you’ll be able to motivate your staff to create an environment where they can succeed.


2 thoughts on “Working Towards A Common Goal

  1. Agreed. You’ve got to state your goal, restate your goal and then state it again. And the goals needs to be aligned to the business, not vague, general goals.

  2. A great team dynamic can be tough to pull off with a diverse group of personalities with out a unified goal everyone is working towards and can understand clearly. My teams have always worked best with a heavy work load and a common goal.

    I absolutely agree it is a good plan to start every meeting with a recap and keep everyone focused in a clear direction.

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