Business and IT Alignment? A Stupid Concept

The concept of business and IT not aligning is a foreign concept to me. Other departments such as accounting and marketing departments don’t have this mandate that they must align with the business because they do. Why is IT any different? By our very existence we are in alignment with the business.

If the IT department is running off doing their own thing I think that is a failure of management to provide oversight and guidance. This implies other issues within the organization.

Why is there this stigma that IT is off doing its own thing? We “keep the lights on” so the business can perform the act of doing, well, business.


2 thoughts on “Business and IT Alignment? A Stupid Concept

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  2. Senior business executives’ goals include completing projects on schedule, while driving down overall costs. To be able to accomplish both of these business objectives, CIOs must deliver IT services supporting these goals. CIOs, often called visionaries, may push for initiatives they believe could transform the company. CFOs, often more conservative, might not agree with these ideas, suspecting CIOs of devising faith-based, unfeasible, immeasurable projects.


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