ReBoot: My Dad Got Me A Job…

I was at the doctor’s office the other day talking to my doctor about how his summer was going. He mentioned that his son, also a doctor, just graduated and is looking for a job. My doctor mentioned how he was going to make a few calls to some medical chiefs he knows to get his son a job. This was not the first time I heard this. A few weeks past a managing director I play golf with also mentioned how he was going to make a few calls to get his son, a recent graduate, a job.

Is getting a job through your father’s influence “wrong”? Is the best way to open doors is through your father’s name? I am not sure. Over the years I have heard others using their father’s name to open doors that would not be open to others through normal means.

I never had such opportunities. I say this with a hint of jealously as I write this post. I wish I could say my career had been boosted by parental connections obtained on the 17th hole. Who knows where my career would be. Both my parents were working class who had very few friends that also struggled. So hitting them up for a job for their son was the last thing my parents had on their mind.


One thought on “ReBoot: My Dad Got Me A Job…

  1. From my perspective this is simply networking at it best, lol. As a recruiter I always tell unemployed people that best way to shorten the curve is to network, network, network… friends and family.

    The reality is that whether is your father, mother, former CIO, CFO… those are the relationship you want to leverage to help you in getting your career in the direction you want it to go.

    Some are just luckier that they just have to yell downstairs for help!

    My two cents.


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