ReBoot – Happy Birthday Mr. CIO

I will be celebrating a major milestone in my life tomorrow-my 40th birthday. Too be honest I don’t feel 40 even though some say I look 50. I think it is my premature gray hair which runs in my A CIO's Voicefamily. Damn those family genes. “Color it” they say. But I could never bring myself to doing that.

Earlier this month I was depressed about turning 40. With deeper reflection there was no reason I should be. Career wise I have done more than most. The youngest senior vice president in a major bank. Successful CIO with tons of experience all before 40.  I have a happy home and a loving family what else does one need?

I think the idea of crossing a number such as 40 is the thought that a part of life is completed. My youth (if ever I had one) is over (ok that is how I rationale it). But the more I dwelled upon it; life is not stopping for me. In fact, there is so much more I want to do. 40 is my new starting point. I want to do the things that I was not able to do or afford in my 20s and 30s.Take life and conquer it. My new philosophy is to never look back, never regret, always look forward.

So here’s to 40. Happy birthday to me!


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