Innovation Teamwork and Lego

Leadership and TeamworkI saw this commercial on TV and thought it was well done.  It speaks volumes about innovation and teamwork. I have been a Lego builder since I was 5. I felt that as toy it has the ability to be so much more and this commercial says that.

3 thoughts on “Innovation Teamwork and Lego

  1. So true… What a fantastic video, thanks for sharing this. In a world where business lingo permeates our understanding of teamwork and collaboration, this commercial brings it all back to basics. I found it refreshing to see the focus on the journey and shared passion, which serve as shock absorbers for disagreements.
    Love it!

  2. Keeping the team is much more difficult than building the team..Looking at start-ups or small organisations that grew from 100+ to 600+, the team dynamics change and will our founders or leaders change to make way for a better team, a better organisation?

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