A CIO’s Christmas List

Dear Santa:

2011 has been an average year. The economy is still sputtering along and budgets are still lean. I have been a good CIO this year and have met my budgets and finished all my projects.

I have tried to be really good by being the best CIO I can. So Santa, this year, I would like the following:

  •  A low-cost cloud service solution that can be secure with a SLA that I can work with.
  • How to get my data to provide accurate business intelligence and analytics.
  • A migration plan to Windows 7. It is time we move away from Windows XP. Really it is time.
  • Applications that can be deployed to mobile devices. These iPads are popping up everywhere.
  • More Siri voice activated devices. I love having conversations with electronic devices.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – #1 game of the year.
  • A lower golf handicap. Okay maybe you cannot help with that, so throw a few lessons in my stocking.

 Thanks Santa and Merry Christmas.

P.S. I left cookies and milk for you on the SAN. Please help yourself but please don’t drop any crumbs. The server manager hates picking up crumbs off the array.