CIO Blogs from February 2010

CIO Blogs

Metrics by That IT Chick

Fire Fighting by Mark Brewer

6 Management Lessons I Learned by Watching Tabitha’s Salon Takeover by Will Weider

Enterprise Collaboration – What’s Your Problem? by Chris Curran

Final word by Corporate Lunacy

It’s all in the Risk by Don Lewis

CIO Blogs from January 2010

CIO BlogsA New Year, a New Decade. Here are links to blog postings that are worth reading this month:

CIO: Don’t square up to the CFO by Ade McCormack

Does the CIO Control IT Spending? by Chris Curran

Must-read books on the human factors of IT — part 1, the 70s by Peter Kretzman

Very funny, Mr. Magoo by Don Lewis

I hate consultants by Eric D. Brown

Does the CIO Need to be a Visionary to be Successful? by IT BS Watch

Is Twitter Dying? – An Update by Mike Schaffner

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To The CIO? by Jim Anderson