Google Chrome OS

Interesting news last week coming out of Google about their new operating system-Google Chrome OS. I have been involved with operating systems since the good ole days of DOS. Obviously Microsoft is the big boy on the block. While I think Microsoft’s recent operating systems (Vista) have had some problems they are still the de facto operating system in the world. Followed closely by my favorite Mac OSX. There are other like Linux, Unix, etc which all have their place in the world of operating systems.

So where will Google Chrome OS fit in? And can it squeeze in to get market share? Only time will tell.

I have not seen Chrome in action yet. Only a few PR videos and some articles.

Here is my wish list if Google is listening:

  1. Small footprint-I hate an OS that takes up gigs of space
  2. Uses less processor power and memory
  3. Frees up memory when not in use
  4. Stability (the unicorn of the operating system world)
  5. Compatibility – I want the same apps I use for Vista to run on OSX and Chrome.
  6. Secure out of the box-I don’t want to worry about nefarious hackers peeking into my computer
  7. Patches – I could do without. Does anyone like patching?
  8. Pretty UI- I like my desktop to be user friendly as much as possible. Who doesn’t?

Here are some links I found useful:

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Any thoughts on Google Chrome OS or your wish list please send them to me?