Bing Is Coming. Are You Excited?

When I first heard the name I thought it was referring to Stanley Bing in Fortune magazine. I like his writings and want more. But no….

It is Microsoft’s new search tool ( This new service will be rolled out worldwide by June 3, 2009. This is Microsoft’s challenge to Google’s dominance.

According to Microsoft Bing is a new search experience and consumer brand, outlining a new approach to helping customers use search to make better decisions.

This “Decision Engine” approach focuses initially on four key user tasks and related areas: making a purchase, planning a trip, researching a health condition or finding a local business. How about finding a job? I am all in for that. Maybe a developer could sneak that in for the unemployed. That function might be a big hit.

Like all things Microsoft, the surface is shiny and full of eye candy to suck us in. Microsoft is great at appealing to our basic human senses but fails to engage us long-term. I will leave what is behind the curtain for others to judge.

I will try Bing when it is released next week to see if it really is the Google Killer or will it be the next Vista destined to be a monumental failure. Only time will tell. 

Good luck Microsoft. We will be watching